How Is a Windshield Replaced?

A typical car windshield is far more durable than the glass you’ll find in the windows of most buildings. It’s constructed like impact glass, which means it can break, chip, and crack, but it won’t shatter. This reduces the risk of lacerations from glass fragments in a car crash. However, even if your windshield doesn’t shatter, you’ll still need to get it replaced promptly before driving your car again. Take it to an auto glass specialist, who will have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done right.

Removal of the Old Windshield

The auto glass mechanic uses specialized tools to remove the molding, rearview mirror, and stickers from the old windshield. Then, he or she uses a cold knife (a special tool) to remove the urethane material bonded to the windshield. From inside the car, the technician can press against the windshield to make sure it’s ready for removal. Then, from outside the car, the technician applies handled suction cups to the windshield. These are used to lift the windshield away safely.

Preparation of the Car

Before the technician can install the new windshield, he or she will thoroughly clean the edges that the windshield will fit into. Most of the old urethane material must be removed. Leaving a very thin layer of old urethane can help the new urethane bond better.

Installation of the New Windshield

Using a urethane gun, the auto glass technician applies a thick, continuous bead of new urethane all around the inside edge. This part of the process must be done fairly quickly, before the new urethane cures. The handled suction cups are again used to maneuver the new windshield into place. The technician applies firm pressure, and then replaces the molding or trim.

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