How Much Is My Gold Jewelry Worth?

Take a look at your jewelry collection. How much of it do you wear regularly? It’s normal to have a piece or two (or more) that you don’t wear often or even at all. Sometimes it’s jewelry that’s been handed down from family members and sometimes it’s jewelry you simply don’t like anymore. No matter where it came from, you might be able to get money for it with help from a pawn shop! Keep reading for a look at how much your gold jewelry is worth. Weight Jewelers will always weigh a piece of jewelry, as this is important for determining how much the jewelry (or the gold on its own) will be worth. If you have a scale, you can weigh your jewelry at home and write down how many grams each piece weighs. Karat Value Real gold jewelry will have a stamp located somewhere on it, though you may need to use a magnifying glass to find it. Look for a one- or two-digit number with the letter “K” or the letters “kt” after it. This is the karat stamp and is important for determining the purity of the gold as well as the value of the jewelry. Price of Gold Did you know that the price of gold changes from one day to the next? There are many different factors that influence the price of gold, including inflation, the value of the U.S. dollar, interest rates, and jewelry industry trends. That is why it is a good idea to visit a pawn shop and learn about your options regarding your gold jewelry. Are you ready to see how much your gold jewelry is worth? If so, you can visit Plan B. As Steamboat Spring’s first and only Pawnsignment Store, Plan B makes it easy to pawn, sell, or consign your jewelry and other items. Call them at (970) 879-7176 for more information.