How a Hotel Can Make or Break a Vacation

It has been said that Americans work to live, but that doesn't mean that we don’t enjoy a good vacation every now and then. Every year at some point we take a break from our lives and go on vacation. Last year Americans spent $683.1 billion dollars on leisure related travel to locations both domestic and abroad. It was predicted that hotels would generate $550 billion. The numbers fluctuate daily and much of this is determined by the experience people have when staying at hotels. Several factors such as location, cost, and quality play a significant role in how enjoyable a vacation is.


Most of us look forward to going on our trip from the very moment we start to plan it. When we start planning we spend time making phone calls and looking at websites to help finalize our plans. Most travel booking sites allow you to search by location and give you results that come up on a map. No one goes on holiday to sit in traffic and argue with their navigation devices. If a hotel is closer to people or attractions we want to see, we might choose the hotel that requires less time in a car.


After looking at our results on the map we choose the hotel that offers the best accommodations for the least amount of cost. A lot of people would rather spend money on food or attractions instead of a hotel. Sometimes you choose a hotel if you belong to the customer loyalty program. You can get free store credit or points towards a free stay in the future.


The services a hotel offers and the appearance of a hotel might determine how enjoyable the vacation is. Hotel amenities such as a laundry service, a pool, and a restaurant might make the difference between an enjoyable vacation and a terrible vacation. Services that hotels offer set them apart from the competition and make your stay more enjoyable.

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