How to Care for Wood Furniture

Wood furniture showcases a natural beauty that can fit into any traditional or modern décor theme, but it does need to be cared for properly to maintain its beautiful appearance and durability. No matter what type of wood furniture pieces you have or the finishes they are coated with, you’ll want to keep these care tips in mind to offer the best protection:

Keep It Out of the Elements

Sun is no friend to furniture, and that’s especially true of wood tables. Keep wood out of the sun to prevent bleaching, fading, cracking, and shrinkage. Placing wood furniture near heating vents can cause similar damage due to the dry heat, so be strategic in your placement and consider utilizing a humidifier to combat the dry heat from the furnace in the winter.

Clean with Water and Dish Soap

You don’t need much to clean your wood furniture. Just a little water and mild dish soap will get the job done to remove everyday dust and dirt. Use a soft, microfiber cloth and a spray bottle with water and a couple drops of soap to prevent over-moistening your wood furniture when you clean it, and always wipe away excess moisture after cleaning. You don’t need to add any oils, polishes, or special wood cleaners to treated wood furniture, because these products will not permeate the protective finish, so they won’t do much for your furniture.

Always Use Coasters

One of the best accessories to add to wooden dining tables, end tables, and any other wood furniture with a flat surface is a set of coasters. Condensation from water glasses can leave behind a characteristic ring on wood surfaces, which can be tough to get out. Coasters add protection and can give some fun personality to the furniture, depending on the colors, materials, and design you choose for your coasters.

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