How to Care for a Leather Sofa

A leather sofa can make a spectacular centerpiece for any room, and it can provide you with a piece of furniture to be proud of. However, leather furniture also needs special care and maintenance in order to stay in excellent condition. If you are the proud owner of a new leather sofa, consider the following tips for caring for it. Clean your sofa regularly—but safely. Regular cleaning is important if you want to keep your sofa looking new. However, it’s important to clean it properly. Dust can be removed using a simple cotton cloth, which you can slightly dampen to remove any dirt buildup. If you need more extensive cleaning, don’t use a homemade cleaner—stick with a commercial leather cleaner that has been approved by your sofa’s manufacturer. Keep your sofa out of the sun. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause leather to dry out and fade. That’s why it’s important to avoid putting your leather sofa in a place where direct sunlight will hit it. If you must put your sofa in front of a window, use blinds to block out the sunlight. Cleaning your sofa regularly and keeping it out of the sun will help to prevent the leather from drying out. Don’t wait to clean up any spills. If you spill anything on your leather, clean it up immediately. The longer you leave a spill, the more likely it is that it will turn into a stain. Along with reducing the value of your sofa, this will harm its appearance. If you cannot remove a stain yourself, schedule professional furniture cleaning services. Timberline Furniture & Mattress is a locally owned and operated furniture store in Steamboat Springs, CO. If you are looking for furniture, art, lamps, rugs, or a new mattress for your home, then their store should always be your first stop. If you’d like to learn more about their furniture selection, visit their website or call (970) 870-8807.