How to Choose Comfortable Ski Boots

One of the most common mistakes people make when choosing ski boots is to wait too long to shop for new ones. If you’re an avid skier, you may need a new pair of boots every one to two seasons. Start shopping when your old ski boots have visible damage from wear and tear or no longer feel comfortable. For best results, ski boots should always be fitted by an expert at your ski equipment shop.

Flex Ratings

All ski boot manufacturers give their products flex ratings. This helps consumers choose a boot that works best for them. The higher the flex number is, the stiffer the boot will be. The stiffer the boot is, the more power is transferred to the inner edge of the ski as you go downhill. Generally, a soft flex rating (below 80 for men or below 70 for women) is ideal for beginners or skiers who enjoy leisurely outings. A medium flex rating (85 to 105 for men and 70 to 80 for women) is ideal for intermediate skiers who are ready to pick up speed and tackle tougher terrain. Stiff flex ratings—above 110 for men and above 85 for women—are ideal for advanced skiers who crave performance.


There are three primary types of ski boot liners: non-moldable, thermoformable, and custom moldable. Non-moldable liners are generic. As the term implies, they do not mold to the shape of the foot. These are ideal for beginning skiers. Thermoformable liners are a step up from non-moldable liners. They use your own body heat to break in the padding and conform to your feet. Custom moldable liners require an external heat source to custom-fit the liners to your feet. An expert ski boot fitter can do this for you.

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