How to Choose Rock Climbing Shoes

While Steamboat Springs may be known for its access to some of the best ski slopes in the country, there’s another popular activity here that you may want to try: rock climbing! However, before you begin your first route, you have to ensure that you have the right gear, including rock climbing shoes. Check out the following tips to help you shop for the perfect rock climbing shoes. Consider Where You’ll Be Climbing Rock climbing shoes do not all feature the same design. In fact, they are often tailored to particular types of climbing. For instance, if you plan to tackle challenging technical routes or do some bouldering, then you’ll want to purchase a pair with a narrow toe box and a downturned shape—this is the most aggressive type of climbing shoe. On the other hand, if you’ll be sticking with relaxed, easy climbs, then a pair of rock climbing shoes with a wider, more comfortable toe box and no curvature may be ideal. Check Out Different Materials Climbing shoes are made with a variety of different materials, so you’ll want to check out a few different brands and models to find an option that suits your needs. For example, would you prefer leather over synthetic materials, which tend to remain stiff even with regular use? Be sure to ask a store associate about the rubber used for the outsole of a climbing shoe, as some tend to be “stickier” than others, which makes them better for climbing. However, stickier rubbers tend to be less durable than other options. Get the Right Fit You should always try rock climbing shoes on at a sporting goods store before you purchase them to ensure that they fit your feet correctly. You’ll want to try on a particular model in a few different sizes to find a size that is comfortable, but will provide the best performance. Rock climbing shoes should fit very tightly, but should not be painful to wear. Your toes should fit snugly against the end of the shoe, but without any bending or pinching of the toes. If you’re in need of rock climbing shoes or any other outdoor gear, head to Ski Haus in Steamboat Springs. There, you’ll find a great selection of clothing, sporting goods, and footwear for your favorite types of outdoor activities. For more information, call (844) 878-0385.