How to Choose a Brunch Cocktail

Brunch is a favorite weekend tradition, which would not be complete without a list of cocktails to pair with classic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, biscuits and gravy, and cinnamon rolls. Of course, when you’ve slept in and you’re still a little groggy eyed before that morning coffee, decision making may not be your forte. If you’re at a loss for which cocktail to order when you sit down for brunch, keep these tips in mind:

Look for your favorite breakfast juices on the cocktail menu

Many brunch cocktails keep the theme of breakfast time by utilizing freshly squeezed juices for something light and fruity that’s easy to handle in the morning. If you’re typically an orange juice drinker during breakfast time, look for Mimosas and Screwdrivers on the cocktail menu. For something less sweet, opt for a Greyhound, which is made with grapefruit juice. To go completely on the savory side, choose a Bloody Mary made with vegetable juice or tomato juice—perfect for when you’re still recovering from the night before.

Pair your cocktail with your meal choice

Like beer and wine, cocktails can pair well with food. If you are going for a sweet brunch meal of pancakes, cinnamon rolls, or French toast, select a cocktail that’s made with coffee for a perfect pairing. For heavier dishes, keep it light with a bubbly Mimosa, which will feature champagne or sparkling wine.

Don’t hesitate to order a second cocktail

Brunch is all about treating yourself, so if you can’t decide between two cocktails, order a second with your meal! Brunch cocktails usually have less alcohol than happy hour drinks, and they are meant to be sipped and savored over a long period, so don’t rush and let yourself kick back with a second drink.

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