How to Dress for a Multi-Day Hike

How to Dress for a Multi-Day Hike

Going on a multi-day hike is the perfect way to get away from the stresses of the modern world and get back to nature, but it also provides some challenges when deciding how to dress. Heading out on an extended hike without the right clothing can be uncomfortable and even dangerous in some environments. Here is a breakdown of how you can dress the right way for your multi-day hike.

Check the Forecast

Knowing what the weather will be like during your hike is key when selecting your clothing. If you plan to be in extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, then you will need to dress accordingly. In both instances, dressing in layers gives the most flexibility to adjust. For a base layer in cold temperatures, a long-sleeve wicking shirt and wicking leggings are good for trapping heat and keeping your skin dry. Wicking short-sleeve shirts or tank tops, along with comfortable shorts, are ideal for hot weather.

Prepare for Moisture

In all weather, avoiding moisture is critical. Wicking fabrics are a good start, but don’t overlook the importance of waterproof gloves and rain gear. If you know you will be encountering rain or snow, waterproof boots are essential for protecting your feet. Wicking underwear and socks are also available and can be especially important in hot weather.

Protect Your Head

A hat should be part of your hiking attire. For cold weather, a beanie or balaclava will prevent heat loss from your head and keep you warm even when you’re resting. In hot weather, a brimmed hat will reduce the risk of sunburn and give you some shade. Choose a water-repellant hat to help protect you from rain.

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