How to Encourage Kids to Try a Sport

How to Encourage Kids to Try a Sport

Sports offer multiple benefits for kids. Not only do they encourage physical fitness and lifelong health, but sports also build a child’s socio-emotional wellness. Kids who play sports tend to enjoy better self-esteem, and they tend to be better communicators and team players. However, not all kids are interested in trying a sport. The following tips may help you encourage your child to give it a try.

Take your child to sporting events.

Watching live sporting events can help spark your child’s interest. Consider taking your child to a baseball, basketball, soccer, or football game at the pro level. If there are no pro teams playing near you, look for college or even high school games that might interest your child. Another, albeit less engaging option is to tune the TV to a sports game and invite your child to join you in watching it. Watching sports on TV might at least help you gauge which sports your child might be interested in.

Let your child choose the sport.

If you played sports in high school or college, you might naturally want your child to be interested in the same sports you played. However, it’s best to allow your child to choose his or her own sport. Kids will be more motivated when they have control over their choices.

Turn sports into a family activity.

Another way to interest your child in joining a sports team is to play sporting activities together as a family. Consider installing a basketball hoop in your driveway or set up a goal in the backyard for an informal game of soccer. When playing sports activities together, don’t emphasize the need to work on specific skills or follow the rules. Focus on having fun and your child will naturally begin to like sports more.

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