How to Find a Blazer That Fits Perfectly

How to Find a Blazer That Fits Perfectly

A perfectly fitted blazer is an essential item in every woman’s closet. It offers a timeless look that will never go out of style. It’s like the little black dress of work wear, except that it can also be worn in casual settings. A high-quality blazer is the perfect finishing touch that pulls an outfit together and makes the wearer instantly seem to be more polished and professional. The trick is to find the right blazer.

Match the blazer to your body type.

One way to make sure a new blazer will fit you perfectly is to match it to your body type. If you have a pear shape, it means your hips are wider than the upper body. Look for a blazer that either offers more length or is cropped. This takes attention away from your hips. 

If you have an apple body, it means your midsection is wider. Look for a blazer with thin material to avoid adding bulk. Ideally, look for one that cinches in slightly to create a better defined waistline. If you have an inverted triangle shape (with a wider upper body), a slouchier blazer will fit you best. Stay away from shoulder pads.

Check the blazer for a proper fit.

Blazers should be neither too tight nor too loose. First, check the sleeves. With your arms down at your sides, the sleeves should reach your mid-thumb. Next, check the hem. It should just barely skim your hipbone. In addition, the blazer should be fitted across the shoulders, but not so tight that you can’t drive comfortably while wearing it.

Try the wall test to check the shoulder fit. Stand near the fitting room wall and lean into it slowly. If your shoulder and the shoulder pad both touch the wall at the same time, the blazer fits you perfectly. If the shoulder pad hits first and scrunches, the blazer is too big. If the shoulder pad never touches the wall even when your shoulder does, the blazer is too small.

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