How to Get the Most Value for Your Trade-In

How to Get the Most Value for Your Trade In If you are ready to purchase a new vehicle, you may find yourself with a more manageable monthly car payment when you trade in your old vehicle with the dealership. This also eliminates the hassle out of finding a private buyer for your old car. To make the most of your vehicle trade in, follow these helpful guidelines for boosting the value of your old vehicle. Wash and Wax Your Vehicle Just like in a private sale, much of the decision-making process for a trade in is based on cosmetic details. Therefore, you should take the time to get your old vehicle professionally cleaned and waxed before driving it to the dealership for an appraisal. Your vehicle may still show some signs of wear and tear, but it will look retail ready, which can boost its value. Remove Bumper Stickers If you’ve decorated your car with bumper stickers and other accessories, you’ll want to remove these before the dealer assesses a trade-in value. A mixture of hot water and white vinegar can help to remove the stickers without damaging the paint. Hold on to Maintenance History Records Ideally, you will be preparing your car for resale long before you think about trading it in. Bringing your car in for regular maintenance and repairs—and holding onto the maintenance records—will ensure that the car is mechanically sound and help you score more for your trade in. Know the Market Value of Your Vehicle When you go to the dealership, you may already expect to negotiate the price of your new vehicle. You can also haggle on the pricing for your trade in, which means you’ll want to know the going market value for your older vehicle. Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds can both be useful resources in researching what your car’s worth based on its current condition. To find your next vehicle in Steamboat Springs, call Cook Chevrolet at (970) 824-2100, or visit their lot to take a test drive. They accept vehicle trade-ins of all makes and models and offer top notch repairs and parts on site.

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