How to Help Your Dog Recover from Surgery

Surgery can be traumatic for dogs and their families alike. When your dog comes home from the vet clinic after surgery, there are many things you can do to make sure he or she has a healthy and comfortable recovery. Your veterinarian will provide you with post-surgical instructions, which you should follow closely. These tips will also help you ensure that your pup has a smooth recuperation.

Recognize the Benefits of Confinement

Even if your dog has minor surgery, he or she may need to be restricted from doing normal activities for a period of time. To make this easier, consider confining your dog to a small room, playpen, or pet kennel. Although you may worry that confining your dog will add to his or her distress, being in a safe, secure space will actually make your pup feel more relaxed and comfortable. Set your dog up with a bed or some cozy blankets, and spend time with him or her in the confined space until it’s safe for him or her to roam again.

Provide Mentally Challenging Toys

Your dog won’t be able to engage in his or her usual games of tug and fetch during recovery. Strenuous play puts sutures at risk, but boredom can still be an issue. To keep your pet occupied, provide toys that offer mental stimulation. Puzzle feeders and Kongs are good solutions for bored dogs. Working with your pup on a new trick that doesn’t require a lot of movement, such as “leave it,” will also help to keep boredom at bay.

Embrace the Cone

Cones—or Elizabethan collars, as they are sometimes called—may look uncomfortable, but they are essential for preventing your dog from chewing or licking sutures. Resist the urge to remove the cone until your vet says it is safe to do so.

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