How to Make Your Yard a Pest-Free Oasis

Mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels and bats are the most common pests that want to invade your yard. Ultimately, they would even love to set up housekeeping in your home. This often occurs when the weather turns cool, but can be a challenge year round. Here are a few tips to prevent these pests from getting into your yard and then into your home.

Eliminate all food sources from these pests. Rodent proof your outdoor garbage cans by placing a 6-inch or taller wooden platform under them. Make sure all the lids fit very tightly and if necessary, tie them down with bungee cords. If your garbage cans have cracks or holes, they are inviting pests to a diner. Replace any cans with holes or cracks with new garbage cans.

Store your foods in rodent proof containers made of metal or heavy plastic with tight lids. Pests especially love the taste of pet food, grains and birdseed.

Put all uneaten pet food away at night. Whether your pets eat inside or outside, remove the leftover food and put it in a rodent proof container or dispose of it into an outdoor garbage can that seals tightly.

Pick up any fruit in your lawn that has dropped to the ground from trees. Pests enjoy not having to work to get their food and will eat the fruit on the ground first, and then they may climb the tree to get more fruit. The bad part here is that if the tree is near your house, pests will use it as a ladder to gain entry to your chimney or attic in your home.

Trim all the trees near your house that are six to eight feet from the home. The nearest perching place should be at least this far from your home. Squirrels can easily jump this distance to reach your home and gnaw some wood to take up residence in your attic. You can also fasten a two-foot wide band of metal flashing around the bottom of your trees so that pests can’t climb up from the ground.

These items may help you to reduce the pest population in your own; however, if you hear pests in your attic, walls or chimney, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Wildlife can be especially vicious if they are cornered. A professional pest removal company, like Hilltop Pest Control, can remove them and then exclude them from ever coming back to invade your home.