How to Put On Tire Chains

Tire chains are a lifesaver during winter months when you need your regular old tires to tackle the snow. Anybody can easily put on and remove tire chains as needed; it just takes a few simple steps and about 20 to 30 minutes of your time.

1. Find a suitable area.

You want to leave yourself some room in front and back of your vehicle. This spot should be level and either visible or out of the way of oncoming drivers. If you have to pull off onto the shoulder, make sure you put your hazards on and find a straight stretch.

2. Lay the chains down.

Start by laying your chains flat on the ground next to each tire. Next—and make sure you have your parking brake on for this one—pull the chains over the top of one tire. This will cover most of the tire, leaving the bottom uncovered and the chains unsecured.

3. Roll forward slightly.

Once you have chains on one of your tires, you need to roll forward very slightly. The goal is to expose the part of the tire where the chain isn't connected. When you've rolled forward far enough, you can move on to the next step.

4. Connect the chains.

Now that you've got the chains on your tire and exposed the connecting parts, you can secure them on the tire. Connect the hooked edges together to secure the chains. If they're fitting a bit too loosely, connect the hooked end to a further link for a tighter hold.

5. Check the alignment.

Tire chains should fit tightly on all parts of the tire. If one part of the chain is tight while the other part is significantly looser, you'll need to realign the chains a bit.

6. Repeat the process.

Now that you've got the process down for one tire, you can put the rest of your tire chains on. As you gain more experience putting on tire chains, you'll find that you can put on two sets of chains at a time.

Putting tire chains on is a relatively simple process, but it can still be a pain. If you need help putting on your tire chains this winter, stop by Doc's Auto Clinic or give us a call at (970) 871-1346.