How to Roll a Joint: A Beginner's Guide

There are many more ways to consume cannabis now than ever before. You can use concentrates, edibles, drinkables, topical products, and more. But the classic way to consume cannabis is to smoke it in a joint or a bowl. For beginners, rolling a joint can prove difficult. Here are some tips to help you get started. Prepare the cannabis. The first step is to grind the marijuana flower. You can use an herb grinder, coffee grinder, or scissors to grind the bud into fine shake. Consider experimenting with different methods for future joints to find the one that you like best. Grind about half a gram to one gram for one joint. Beginners may find it easier to use less shake while they get the hang of rolling a joint. Fill the paper. Fill the rolling paper with the shake. If you would like to use a filter, place it at one end of the paper. It isn’t necessary to use a filter (also called a crutch or tip), however, it does have a few benefits. You won’t burn your fingertips as you smoke the last bit of the joint, the filter will add stability, and it will prevent loose shake from entering your mouth. After adding the flower and the filter, use a finger to distribute the shake evenly from one end to the next. Pack the joint. Pinch the two flaps of rolling paper between your fingers. Roll the joint slowly back and forth. This helps pack the cannabis down and shape the joint. Roll the joint. Identify the unglued flap of paper. Tuck that flap into the roll. Then, lick the glued edge. Press one end down to seal it. If you used a filter, you should seal that end first. Then, continue tucking and sealing your way down to the other end of the joint. Stick the cap of a pen or a similar object into it to pack down the weed. Then, close it with a twist. If you’re looking for organically grown, potent marijuana (and you’re at least 21 years old), you can visit Golden Leaf Medical Marijuana, LLC. Located in Steamboat Springs, CO, this dispensary offers high-quality cannabis flowers and concentrates to recreational and medicinal users. You can call the dispensary at (970) 870-2941 with questions about their current menu.