How to Spot a Deal at a Pawn Shop

How to Spot a Deal at a Pawn Shop

A pawn shop can be a great place to find an unbeatable deal, but you have to know what to look for. If you go into your local pawn shop with an idea in mind of what you want to spend and some basic information about the products you want, you are likely to score a price you won’t find anywhere else. Make the most of your next pawn shop excursion with these tips.

Look at Small-Brand Items

At a pawn shop, you’re likely to find electronics and other items from brands you know well, such as Apple or Rolex, and while you can still get amazing deals on those items, you might do even better looking for an item from a lesser-known brand that is still high-quality. Because of the brand recognition factor, the items from bigger brands will almost always be priced higher, but if you do some research into the item you want, you can often find a high-quality item that is even a better deal, since the pawn shop owner will price it even more attractively to make up for the fact that many people won’t immediately know the name.

Inspect the Item Carefully

Although many pawn shops offer return policies and warranties, it’s still ultimately up to the buyer to make an informed decision about a purchase. Inspect anything you are buying carefully, and make sure you’re happy with the condition. If you’re buying a musical instrument, try it out on site.

Haggle the Price

Pawn shop owners expect you to haggle over the prices of items, so don’t think that you have to accept the sticker price as the price you pay. Offer a reasonable price, and after some back-and-forth, you’re likely to save a little money while still paying an amount that makes the pawn shop happy.

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