How to Stay Healthy This Winter

Although the winter season is the peak time for colds and flu , you don’t have to fall victim to a seasonal illness. With a few simple self-care steps, you can stay healthy and enjoy everything the season has to offer. Maintain your good health throughout winter with this advice.

Stay Active

Cold temperatures and snow may make exercise seem impossible, but staying active is an important part of staying healthy. Getting outside in the sunlight will help you feel refreshed and counteract the effects of darker days, but if the conditions don’t allow for outdoor workouts, move your routines inside. Going to the gym, taking advantage of online workouts, or even trying active gaming devices, like the Wii Fit, will help you get moving and keep your body healthy no matter the temperatures.

Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods

Citrus fruits and dark, leafy greens are in season in the winter, and they’re also the perfect choices for boosting your immune system and staying healthy. The nutrients in these foods will help your body stay healthy enough to fight off potential infections. Spinach, Swiss chard, oranges, and carrots are all good seasonal choices for nutrient-rich eating. Fill your plates with these foods instead of simple carbs, which will spike your blood sugar and make you feel sluggish.

Wash Your Hands

Germs are everywhere during the winter. Long days spent indoors exacerbate the problem. Washing your hands frequently will help you avoid introducing cold and flu viruses into your system. Always wash your hands before eating, and consider carrying antibacterial gel with you to clean your hands when you’re not near a sink.

Your pharmacist can also provide advice to help you stay healthy this winter, from choosing the best supplements to protect your immune system to picking the right over-the-counter medicine if a winter illness does strike. At Lyon Corner Drug & Soda Fountain , you’ll find friendly pharmacists who are always ready to answer your health questions. Find out more about this drug store in Steamboat Springs, CO by calling (970) 879-1114.