How to Tell If You Have Squirrels in Your Home

When you see a squirrel out in the wild, you might think it looks cute and playful. But you probably won’t feel the same way if you find a squirrel in your home. These critters can carry and spread a variety of diseases. They can also cause serious damage to your house. That’s why it’s important to know the most common signs of a squirrel infestation so you can call a pest control company as soon as possible. Unusual Noises Like humans, squirrels are active during the day and sleep at night. If there are squirrels in your home, you’re most likely to hear evidence of them during the day. If you hear scratching or scampering noises that you’re not used to, then it might be a sign that squirrels have made their way into your home. Foul Odors Squirrels that are living in your home will also need to relieve themselves in your home, and the smell of squirrel urine is one of the most noticeable signs of this pest problem. These critters can also get stuck inside of your walls and die, leading to more foul odors. If you smell anything unusual, it might be time to contact a pest control professional. Home Damage You don’t need to leave a door or window open to let squirrels inside your home. That’s because they will chew through just about anything when they are seeking shelter. You can inspect your home for signs of chew marks if you are worried about squirrels. If you think you have squirrels or other pests in your home, contact Hilltop Pest Control. This Steamboat Springs pest control company has more than 40 years of experience and they would be happy to help you rid your home of these pests. Call them at (970) 879-7796 for more information.