Introducing Cannabis Topicals

As cannabis edges further into mainstream commerce, licensed cannabis retailers have been getting more creative with their offerings. In particular, there are more ways than ever to use cannabis for medicinal purposes without having to smoke it. One example is cannabis topicals, which adults can purchase in states that have legalized the drug, like Colorado.

Topical Products

Cannabis can be infused into any lotion, oil, balm, or spray that is applied topically. Some retailers may even sell infused gel pens or patches. All topical products are applied to the skin. They are intended to provide medicinal benefits to a limited area of the body.

Topical Cannabis Effects

Consumers can use topical cannabis products to relieve localized pain, muscle stiffness, soreness, and inflammation. For example, after pulling a muscle or overexerting yourself during a workout, a topical cannabis product may help relieve your symptoms. Although there is little evidence yet to support these possible uses, some consumers have reported good results using topical cannabis products for headaches, cramping, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Topical Cannabis Benefits

There are plenty of consumers who are primarily interested in the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis. These individuals do not necessarily want to experience the sense of euphoria or elevation in mood that smoked cannabis can provide. Topical cannabis is ideal for these individuals. Even if the cannabinoid contains active THC, nearly all topical products will not enter the bloodstream, and so they will not alter one’s mental state. The exception is cannabis transdermal patches. However, the patch will need to have a very high THC content in order to produce the euphoric feeling.​

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