Is LASIK Right for You?

Many people who need eyeglasses or contact lenses would rather not need them, which is where LASIK surgery can help! This type of refractive surgery is commonly used to reduce the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses, but how can you tell if it’s right for you? Keep reading to find out.

Your eyes are healthy.

You might not be able to see too well on your own, but that doesn’t mean your eyes are in poor health. Vision problems do not always mean that your eyes are unhealthy, and LASIK surgery tends to be most effective on patients who have generally healthy eyes. Conditions that can affect eye health and LASIK outcomes include diseases, injuries, dry eyes, keratitis, glaucoma, and cataracts.

You have an active lifestyle.

Glasses and contacts can get in the way if you have an active lifestyle. If you’re constantly spending time hiking, playing sports, or exercising in other ways, then you might have a hard time keeping your glasses on or staying comfortable while wearing contacts. LASIK surgery can improve your vision so you no longer need these accessories, letting you be as active as you want to be.

Your vision is stable.

Many people with vision problems experience changes in their vision throughout their lifetimes, resulting in different prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses. LASIK surgery is safest and most effective on patients with stable vision. This means your vision should remain the same for at least 12 months before you consider undergoing LASIK surgery. Because of this, younger patients might be advised to wait a few years to get this procedure.

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