It's All About Texture: Crafting the Perfect Cinnamon Roll

These tips create the most perfect cinnamon roll… not necessarily the simplest. Follow along for ethereally soft, heavenly scented treats that keep their lovely texture longer! Tweak your favorite recipe with these flavor and texture hacks:

Invest in Your Dough!

Although this is not your retirement account, you’ll still give a little now, and it’ll pay off big later. Don’t worry—if you can boil oatmeal, you can do this!

Dairy butter; no substitutes.

Switch to bread flour—the extra protein improves softness.

Replace 1/3 cup flour with potato flour—starch retains moisture longer.

Whisk 2/3 cup of the flour (including potato flour) with all the liquid, then boil it while whisking until thick. Cool, and proceed as usual—this step materially improves moisture and texture.

Ignore Strategically

Cover the dough and ignore it awhile. This allows flour to absorb liquid, and gluten bonds to relax for tender texture. Use this step before or after kneading; or after assembling in pan, but before baking (20 minutes to 24 hours refrigerated; allow to rise).

Tiny Flavor Nuances, Enormous Upgrade

In addition to butter in dough, filling, and icing; include subtle touches of cinnamon and orange in the icing to build levels of flavor into a normally insipid topping. Try ½ teaspoon cinnamon and ½ teaspoon orange extract.

You’ll Flip!

Remove from oven as soon as rolls have soft-set centers, and immediately cover with a cookie sheet (careful!) and invert rolls allowing filling to absorb instead of leaking out for more flavor and moisture. Set a timer for 5 minutes!

Ice Hot; Store Cool

When the timer chimes, flip the rolls back onto a serving platter and spread icing while rolls are hot, so it will melt in for a perfect finish. Sealing the bottoms in melted cinnamon filling and the tops in rich icing, not only encases your fluffy rolls in flavor, it seals in soft, gooey texture.

Store airtight only after completely cool.

These five steps raise the bar for sticky cinnamon goodness, airy pastry lightness, and smooth flavorful deliciousness—you’ll never look back! If you are looking to skip these steps and buy directly from the best, Winona's Restaurant in Steamboat Springs, CO has delicious pastries and other delectable items.