Keeping Fish Fresh: Do's and Don'ts

Seafood is a popular dish for many reasons that include its unique taste, the variety of ways in which it can be prepared, and the health benefits that come with it, such as fish oil that many people take as supplements. When people catch a fish, they often wonder how they can keep the fish fresh which can often be a problem because they spoil quickly; however, there are a few quick tips and tricks that can help people preserve their fish.

Do Refrigerate the Fish

People should always make sure that they place any seafood in a refrigerator. Ideally, this refrigerator would be placed close to freezing to help lengthen the process; however, this could damage other products that are in the refrigerator. Try to keep the temperature to 40 degrees or lower.

Don't Forget the Crushed Ice

For those looking to keep their fish even longer, it can be helpful to place the fish on crushed ice. This will help to cool the fish even further without having to freeze the other foods that might be in the refrigerator. Some people may actually place their fish in the freezer but this could lead to freezer burn which decreases the quality of the food.

Do Eat Seafood Quickly

The best way to keep the seafood fresh is to eat the seafood quickly. Within the first couple of days of purchasing the seafood would be ideal; however, this isn't always possible. People should plan ahead to use the seafood quickly after purchasing it. This will also preserve the best taste possible from the seafood.

Don't Eat Fish with an Ammonia Smell

Sometimes, people let their fish last too long and the smell could start to turn. Keep the nose out for an ammonia or soul smell because this could indicate that the fish has gone bad. People may feel bad about letting their fish spoil; however, do not take any chances by eating the fish. It is easy for people to get sick from eating fish that has gone bad and it could give people food poisoning.

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