Keeping Kids Happy When Dining Out

Kids of all ages can enjoy dining out with the family. It just takes a little extra planning and a whole lot of patience. First, never try to take a toddler somewhere right before nap time. Instead, plan to leave for the restaurant after your child has had a nap.


Place your order as quickly as possible.

Kids have limited attention spans. To improve the chances of having a peaceful family meal, everyone should order as quickly as possible. Check out the restaurant’s menu online before leaving home. Have your family members decide what they’re going to order in advance. Once you’re shown to your table, let the server know you’re ready to order.


Let your child move.

Young kids can’t sit in a high chair for too long before they feel the urge to move around. After placing your order, take your child out of the chair and go for a walk together. Your child may end up taking a few tours of the dining room before the day is through. Some fresh air could help your child too.


Bring plenty of things to play with.

Pack plenty of small toys in your bag before you leave home. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may be kept occupied with finger puppets, sorting toys, and soft-covered baby books.


Know when to ask for a doggy bag.

Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare ahead of time, young kids simply have a hard time at restaurants. If nothing seems to be working and you’re losing your patience, ask the server to wrap up the meal. You can still enjoy a delicious restaurant meal at home, after you’ve put your child down for a much-needed nap.


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