Keeping Your Car Clean: A Survival Guide for Parents

Keeping Your Car Clean: A Survival Guide for Parents

Having kids will factor into the type of vehicle you purchase. Kids also significantly affect the degree to which you’re able to keep your vehicle clean—inside and out. In addition to regularly taking your vehicle to the car wash to get it detailed, following these tips can help your car stay tidier longer. 

Clean out your garage.

If there’s so much stuff in your garage that you can’t park your car in there, it’s time to clear it out. Parking in the garage will protect your car from the elements, as well as random strikes by muddy soccer balls. Plus, it’ll prevent the paint from fading as quickly.

Install an in-car garbage can.

Kids have a knack for generating lots of trash. Keep it under control by purchasing a trash bag specifically designed for use in vehicles. Look for one that will strap on to the back of a car seat. The next step is to teach your kids to throw their trash in the receptacle, rather than tossing it on the floor.

Set some rules.

It’s inevitable that the kids will munch on snacks and sip beverages during car rides. But you can lay down some ground rules to limit the damage. Only allow dry snacks in the car, as the crumbs can be easily vacuumed up. Likewise, only allow clear liquids that won’t stain the upholstery if spilled. 

Use a trunk organizer.

A trunk organizer or backseat organizer can function like a junk drawer for your car. Get the kids into the habit of tossing toys in there as they finish playing with them. This will prevent random objects from rolling under the seats. Consider purchasing an organizer that has a tie-down or zipper top. In the event of a crash, an enclosed trunk organizer will prevent items from becoming airborne and striking the children.

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