Major Airport-Related Hassles and How to Deal with Them

Although flying is the quickest way to travel long distances, it comes with many inconveniences. Frequent flyers often consider the strict security requirements, long lines, and lack of sufficient parking to be among the most stressful parts of air travel. Getting to the Airport on Time Getting to the airport in time for your flight is by far one of the most significant air travel-related hassles. You’ll never know exactly how much time you’ll need to check your luggage, make it through security, and get to your gate before your flight starts boarding. It’s always best to overestimate how much time you’ll need. One way to reduce the hassle is to book an airport shuttle service or private driver. You won’t have to worry about finding parking, and you’ll be dropped off right at the entrance, saving precious minutes you’ll need to make it to your flight on time. Getting Through Security Quickly The long lines and strict requirements at security checkpoints are enough to make even seasoned travelers feel frazzled. One way to reduce the inconvenience is to sign up for TSA PreCheck. PreCheck travelers have access to an expedited security line and reduced security requirements. For example, you won’t have to remove your shoes and belt, or take your laptop out of your bag. In addition, some airports have adopted the CLEAR program. It uses fingerprint and iris scanning to accelerate the identification process at security checkpoints. Finding a Parking Spot At a typical airport, the parking lots are incredibly large. However, during peak travel times, they fill up quickly. You may get stuck parking far away from the entrance, in which case you’ll have to rush with your heavy luggage to get to your gate on time. You can avoid this common problem by booking a professional transportation service. You can avoid some of the hassles related to air travel when you choose the airport shuttle services offered by GO Alpine. This transportation company has been trusted by residents throughout the Steamboat Springs, CO area since 1984. To book a ride, you can call their office at (970) 879-2800.