Making Your New House Feel Like Home

Making Your New House Feel Like Home

In your old home, you could probably find your way around the furniture with your eyes closed. You had certain routines, and you knew where to find everything. You’ll eventually develop this degree of familiarity with your new house , but in the meantime, here are some easy tips to make it feel more like home.

Familiar Faces

It isn’t quite home until the family photos are displayed. Get creative with your wall displays. Even if you plan to paint the walls eventually, you can toss up a few photos in the meantime. Set up your upright photo frames on occasional tables and the mantelpiece.

Living Things

Every house needs a few plants to make it feel more like home . Place a ficus or a rubber plant in a corner. Add small pots of herbs to the kitchen windowsill. Use hanging baskets to grace your breakfast nook with dangling spider plants.

Baked Treats

Your new house will smell different from your old one because it hasn’t been lived in for a while. If the weather allows, open up the windows to air it out. Then, close the windows and put some cookies in the oven. The delicious scent of cookies will instantly make any house feel like home. Not much of a baker? No problem! Use a pack of pre-made, refrigerated cookie dough.

Movie Nights

Take an evening off from unpacking to enjoy movie night with your family. Make some popcorn, and get comfy with lots of pillows and throw blankets. Unpacking and arranging furniture can be stressful, so taking the time to unwind and relax in your new home can make it feel more like your own.

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