Marijuana Shatter: A Quick Crash Course

When using marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, selecting a product with the right potency is the key to an enjoyable experience. While some beginners may find most marijuana extracts to be too strong, long-time aficionados are falling in love with the newest generation of extracts, including shatter. Definition of Shatter Shatter is a type of dab. Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabinoids that usually have the consistency of sticky wax. Shatter is different. Rather than being wax-like, it’s glass-like. Picture a sheet of translucent, glossy amber, and you’ll have a good idea what shatter looks like. And yes, it shatters if it’s dropped. While all dabs are known for being exceptionally potent, shatter is likely the strongest of them all. It can contain up to 80% cannabinoid content. In contrast, some of the most potent marijuana flowers have a potency of around 20%. Processing of Shatter Like other dabs, shatter requires processing. A solvent is used to extract the THC and other cannabinoids out of the marijuana bud. The solvent is then evaporated, which leaves behind sticky, oily resin. To make shatter, producers will then filter the resin further to remove fats and waxes, and then cool the resin into a glassy sheet. Note that the filtration process also removes the terpenes, which are the hydrocarbons that provide marijuana with its flavor. Use of Shatter As you might expect, shatter isn’t smoked like regular flowers, nor is it consumed like edibles. It requires specialty equipment known as a rig. Where you would normally expect to find a bowl, you’ll find a glass “nail” on a rig. Users place a small dab of the shatter on the nail, and use a butane torch to heat it to around 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that shatter is exceptionally potent and should only be tried by experienced marijuana users who have successfully used other strong extracts. Rocky Mountain Remedies is Northwest Colorado’s source for high-quality recreational and medical marijuana products, including Steamboat Shatter. You can also find potent buds, cartridges, and RMR merchandise. Call the dispensary in Steamboat Springs, CO, at (970) 871-2768 with your questions.