Mexican Food Options for Non-Meat Eaters

When you think of Mexican cuisine, it’s hard not to picture heaping portions of pollo al pastor or carne asada. Though these meaty options are common on Mexican restaurant menus , they don’t represent the full range of the cuisine, which can be surprisingly vegetarian-friendly. Mexican cooking utilizes many rich and flavorful spices as well as slow cooking methods that can create so much depth in flavor that even meat eaters can enjoy the following vegetarian choices:

Cheese Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a classic staple on Mexican lunch and dinner menus, and the most popular enchilada filling by far is cheese. Filled with a blend of melty cheeses inside a fresh corn tortilla and topped with a flavorful red sauce featuring smoky chilies, garlic, and roasted spices, cheese enchiladas will warm the body and soul with every bite.


The quesadilla is another essential item in Mexican cuisine , and it is highly favored for its versatility. Quesadillas can have any number of fillings, such as green chilies, sautéed squash, or caramelized onions. Each choice pairs beautifully with the filling that holds everything together—cheese. Traditional quesadilla cheese is creamy and mild, and it melts beautifully and evenly inside a folded tortilla on the grill top.

Tofu Tacos

Tofu isn’t exactly traditional in Mexican eateries, but it has become a popular option in the United States as well as south of the border. Tofu takes on the flavor of whatever marinade or seasoning it’s paired with, so it can be easily adapted to Mexican cuisine as a veggie-friendly taco filling that’s just as satisfying as any meat choice on the menu.

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