Need Money Fast?

Do you have bills that came out of nowhere? Perhaps that group trip you've been wanting to take snuck up on you. Whatever might have happened, if you need money quickly you do have some options. Now, you don't need to go off and sell an organ on the black market or anything like that. There are other safer, legal ways to make money fast.

Donate Plasma

If needles don't make you squirm, donating plasma is a viable option. You will need to pass a few medical tests and meet a necessary minimum weight, but as long as everything clears, you can make a few bucks off of this. It does depend on where you go and how often you donate, but you can usually donate around two times a week, making it possible to bring in a few hundred bucks a month off of plasma.

Sell Your Old Media

Selling a single DVD isn't going to bring in much. Maybe just a dollar (if that). If you have a larger collection though, this can really add up. There are plenty of game stores out there that will buy used games, and you probably have a store nearby that purchases used movies, CD and books. You never know what they might take, as it really depends on the current supply. Whatever it is though, if you have material sitting around, this would be a great chance to go out and sell what you no longer need. Best of all, it can help jumpstart your spring cleaning.

Pawn Shop

Possibly the best way to land cash quickly is to visit a pawn shop. At a pawn shop, you can sell nearly anything of value. If you have recently purchased electronics, these items can sell (although older TVs will not be purchased). You can sell jewelry, yard equipment, appliances and even some sporting gear. If you have something and there is value in it, there is a good chance you can sell it at a pawn shop. If you are living in the Steamboat, CO area, check out Plan B, where you can buy, loan, and consign.

If you need money fast, here are some of the options available for you to consider.