Outdoor Photography Tips to Follow on Your Snowmobile Tour

Taking a snowmobile tour is a great way to explore the Rockies and enjoy breathtaking views of champagne powder and expansive skies. After you’ve booked your tour, you may be wondering how you can capture what you get to see in photos. Whether you are using a state-of-the-art DSLR or the latest smartphone to take your photos, keep the following photography tips in mind:

Pay Attention to Light and Shadows

One of the most important things to consider when taking photos outdoors is the light—and the shadows it creates. Don’t shoot towards the sun, which can wash out your photos. Instead, position yourself so that the sun is behind you, and consider how the light and shadows play off of the different landscape features before capturing your photo.

Consider the Horizon

It can be easy to get so distracted by the beauty of the landscapes you see during your snowmobile tour that you don’t pay attention to the angle of the horizon in your photographs. This is a mistake that you’ll regret as you review your photos later. Make sure the horizon is level, and avoid placing the horizon directly in the center of your photos.

Make the Best of the Snow

When you’re on a snowmobile tour, you’re sure to see plenty of snow! If you can, adjust the white balance of your camera to ensure that it doesn’t make the snow appear gray—6,500 kelvin or the cloudy sky setting is usually appropriate. If you’re taking a tour at sunrise or sunset, you’ll be able to capture the warm colors of the sky being reflected on the snow, giving your photos an extra element of interest.

Protect Your Camera from the Elements

When taking photos outdoors, especially in snowy conditions, it’s important to protect your camera from moisture and cold temperatures. If you’ve packed a spare battery, do your best to keep it warm, as it will lose its charge faster if it’s cold. Store your camera in a plastic bag when you are not taking pictures, and if you enter a warm building, keep the bag sealed until the camera has returned to room temperature to prevent condensation in the camera.

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