Picking Meats for a Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is the perfect centerpiece of a gathering of friends and family. Everyone gets to try a little bit of everything, and you can cater to a variety of different tastes without spending time preparing a huge variety of foods. Charcuterie boards are also perfect when you’re hosting a bash, since they allow you to sit down and enjoy your guests instead of spending the whole time in the kitchen. Follow this advice for selecting the right meats for your charcuterie board.

Build Around Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a good starting point for a charcuterie board. Prosciutto is a familiar meat for many people, so you can feel comfortable building around it and confident your guests will know it. Prosciutto is a crudo—or cured—meat, meaning that it is shaved raw and cured with salt. If you like prosciutto and want to start with that salty flavor but would prefer to try something new, opt for jamón serrano and jamón ibérico, which are pork leg crudo selections like prosciutto but with slightly different flavors.

Add Some Flavor Variations

Prosciutto can give you the salty foundation of your board, so add different flavors and textures. Cured sausage, including soppressata, finocchiona, and chorizo, add both heat and sweetness and are firmer and chunkier than prosciutto. Pate is soft and makes a good addition to a charcuterie board, as long as you cut it into small pieces. Mortadella and speck make nice finishing touches with a mix of crudo and cooked—or cotto—flavors.

Finish with Accoutrements

Accoutrements are as important as your meats, since they balance the meats on your board. Breads, such as small toasts or crackers, are essential. Add pickled vegetables to use as palate cleansers, along with jams and other small bites, such as olives and nuts, to complete your board.

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