Planning Your Child's First Fly Fishing Trip

Planning Your Child's First Fly Fishing Trip

Fly fishing isn’t just about catching dinner the old-fashioned way. It’s about creating lasting memories for families and friends to share, and it’s about spending time enjoying the great outdoors with those you love. When your child is ready for his or her first fly fishing trip, there are a few things you should do to prepare.

Choosing Gear

Adults are often attracted to the latest technologies and equipment available. But for a child’s first fly fishing trip, it’s best to keep things simple. Consider selecting a child-sized cane pole with a spinning or spincasting reel. Young kids often do better with a bobber and live bait, since lures can become ensnared on obstacles and may be difficult for children to retrieve. Remember to use lightweight fishing line. Four-or 8-pound line will work nicely.

Selecting the Best Fishing Spot

There are special considerations when selecting a fishing spot for a child. For safety reasons and etiquette concerns, you’ll want a spot away from other anglers. You’ll also need an area with as few trees, rocks, and weeds as possible, since children often have trouble with snagged lines. In addition, kids are more likely to stay enthusiastic about fishing if they’re actually getting nibbles. Choose spots with lots of easy-to-catch fish.

Teaching Your Child About Conservation

Your child’s first fly fishing trip is an opportunity to pass down a passion for conservation to the next generation. Talk to your child about why recreational anglers primarily practice catch-and-release fishing, keeping only the occasional fish for eating. Talk about the importance of being a good steward of land and water ecosystems to ensure that fish will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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