Porcupine Quills: What Puppy Parents Need to Know

Porcupine Quills: What Puppy Parents Need to Know

Part of getting a new puppy means learning how to protect him. Because puppies are so inquisitive, it is normal for them to want to sniff and check out any other animals they might encounter. While this behavior can often be cute, it can also be dangerous when it comes to critters like porcupines. If your dog is injured by porcupine quills, bring him to your local veterinarian for treatment as quickly as possible. Keep reading to learn more about porcupine quills and your puppy.

Porcupine quills can cause serious damage.

A porcupine’s quills are designed to cause as much damage as possible, which is why they have barbs on their ends. Because of these barbs, the quills can be very damaging if they are not removed properly and quickly. It is important to keep your puppy as still as possible to try to prevent the quills from moving and causing even more damage.

You should bring your puppy to the veterinarian right away.

If you discover that your puppy has been attacked by a porcupine, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. A lot of pet owners try to remove porcupine quills on their own, but this can cause more harm than good. It is important to have a professional remove the quills because they will know how to do it properly while causing as little pain and damage as possible. 

You can reduce your puppy’s risk. 

There are steps you can take to reduce your puppy’s risk of being stuck by porcupine quills. Porcupines are typically nocturnal, so try to keep your puppy indoors at night. You should also keep your puppy away from wooded areas or other spaces that might be frequented by porcupines. 

If your puppy is ever stuck by porcupine quills, you can contact Pet Kare Clinic. This Steamboat Springs veterinary clinic specializes in providing the highest quality services for all animals. Call them at (970) 879-5273 to learn more.