Preventing Cold Weather Damage on Your Driveway

The winter weather is tough on roads and driveways alike. Plows can scrape the surface and chemical deicing agents can damage it. Plus, the continual freezing and thawing cycle adversely affects the structural integrity of the driveway. The best way to protect your driveway is to take preventive measures. Talk to a paving company about how you can keep your driveway looking like new throughout the winter.

Apply a fresh layer of sealcoating to the driveway.

Before the winter weather strikes, call the paving company and request a sealcoating estimate. Sealcoating protects the driveway from scrapes and cracks. It can also help extend the overall lifespan of the driveway. By providing a barrier against melting snow and ice, sealcoating prevents moisture from seeping into the tiny cracks and fissures in the asphalt. Otherwise, the moisture inside the asphalt will expand when it freezes, causing cracks to develop.

Consider getting all-weather tires for your car

All-weather or all-season tires can help you drive safely in the snow and ice. They’re also a good alternative to spiked snow tires. Although studded snow tires give your car a good grip on the road, they will also create small holes in the asphalt. The spikes will damage the sealcoating and allow moisture to seep into the driveway.

Stock up on an alternative to rock salt.

Rock salt is among the most popular deicing agents. It does a good job of melting the ice, but unfortunately, it will also damage your driveway. Plus, rock salt can be harmful for pets. Instead, talk to the paving company representative about alternatives that won’t harm your driveway, such as potassium chloride, sand, or clean kitty litter.

If your driveway does sustain damage this winter, you can count on the team at Schreiner, Inc. to fix it. They offer free estimates for sealcoating and patching for homes in the Steamboat Springs, CO area. Call their office at (970) 871-0078 for a prompt appointment.