Productivity Tips for Business Trips

Business travel is a reality for many professionals, but it’s easy to fall behind on your tasks when you’re on the road. When you’re away from your home and your routine, you can feel like you’re treading water instead of actually accomplishing anything. If you feel like your business travel isn’t as productive as it could be, these tips will help.

Research Your Destination

Researching your destination for a business trip is a little different than checking out a vacation spot. Before you go, look into the amenities of your hotel, find out where there are restaurants and coffee shops near where you are staying, and figure out how to get around your destination, whether you’ll be using public transportation, renting a car, or using Uber. Doing some groundwork before you go will save you from wasting time once you arrive just getting the lay of the land.

Make Use of Your Travel Time

When you’re traveling, take advantage of the time to get productive before you arrive. Make your to-do list, send out emails, or go over your presentation. You’ll feel more prepared when you get there and won’t have to put in hours of work as soon as you arrive at your hotel. Of course, getting some relaxation time is also important, so you can recharge and be energized when you reach your destination. Reserve a portion of your journey for work and set aside part of the time for relaxing.

Set Up Your Space

Make yourself at home in your hotel room as soon as you check in. Set up your workspace as you would your desk at home, and stock your fridge with snacks. If you’re going to be there for a few days, unpacking right away can make it easier to feel settled and ready to tackle business.

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