Questions to Ask When Buying Ski Boots

Ski boots are arguably the most important component out of all of your downhill ski gear. Since they connect your body to your skis, ski boots must offer both superior comfort and performance. Don’t try to buy ski boots online. Instead, go to a specialty shop with ski boot fitting specialists who can lend you their expertise. Here are a few questions you might want to ask your boot fitter:

What is the flex rating for these boots?

The flex index gives skiers a general idea of how rigid or soft a pair of boots is. Although there are some variations among manufacturers, the lower the number is, the softer the boot will be, and vice versa. A more rigid boot will enhance performance by delivering power to the inside edge of the ski. However, rigid boots aren’t always the best choice for everyone.

Your ski boot fitter will recommend a soft flex if you’re a beginner or enjoy leisurely skiing. Medium flex is appropriate for intermediate skiers. Stiff flex boots are more responsive, and well-suited to advanced skiers.

What sort of liner is included with these boots?

The three main types of boot liners are non-moldable, thermoformable, and custom moldable. Non-moldable liners offer generic padding. Thermoformable liners are made of foam, and are designed to break in to custom-fit your feet after using them a few times. Expert boot fitters can adjust custom moldable liners to fit your feet exactly, with no breaking-in period required.

Do you have any boots with ski/walk mode?

Some skiers like to hike a bit to find fresh, untracked powder. If this describes you, look for a higher-end boot with ski/walk mode. It lets you detach the upper and lower shells for easier walking.

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