Questions to Ask Your Beer Distributor

If you have a bar or restaurant, your beer distributor is likely to be one of your most important business partners. A good relationship with your distributor will ensure that you have everything you need to serve your patrons and that you get the best deals on your beer, so you can price your drinks to sell. As you enter a contract with a beer distributor, be sure to ask these questions.

What beers do you offer?

Of course, one of your first concerns is what kind of beer your distributor can supply. Some distributors have special partnerships with specific brewing companies , so they may only offer products from their partners or may offer products from their partners at a discount. Make sure that your distributor can get you the products that are in highest demand with your customers.

What do I need to make a distribution agreement with you?

At a bare minimum, you will need to be a licensed alcohol retailer in your area to enter into a contract with your beer distributor. There may be other regulations in your area as well as special arrangements that are required by your distributor. It is important to know what these are up-front to avoid any delays in processing your account. Be sure to also ask if there are minimum orders you need to place or other steps you have to take to ensure that you keep your account open and in good standing.

Are you involved in any community service activities?

If you’re a local establishment, investing in your community is good business. So is doing business with companies who also invest in your community. Choosing a beer distributor that works with nonprofits or is active in groups that fight underage drinking and drunk driving is good for everyone.

B&K Distributing Inc. is a family-owned business as well as Northwest Colorado’s largest beer distributor. They are partners with Anheuser Busch and work to promote responsible drinking in the community. To learn more about beer distribution in Steamboat Springs, CO, call (970) 879-1906.