Quick Tips for Working with Your Caterer

Quick Tips for Working with Your Caterer

Many occasions call for an evening out at a family restaurant, but some special events demand a more exclusive setting. If you’re planning a wedding, family reunion, baby shower, or corporate event, you can make arrangements to cater the event. If you’ve never worked with a caterer before, there are a few things you should know.

Discuss the best use for the space.

Often, the first decision to be made is to select the venue for your special event. Once you know what sort of space you have to work with and how many guests you expect to seat, you and the caterer can decide on the best arrangement. If there’s enough space, you might prefer to set up a buffet table to allow guests to serve themselves. Be sure to allow for comfortable foot traffic around the tables. Remember to check with the venue first to ensure they allow outside catering.

Know your budget.

Before you can choose the menu items, you’ll need to develop a reasonable budget. You’ll likely start with an overall budget for the entire event. Then, you can determine how much of it you can allocate for the catering.

Request sample tastings of the menu.

You can ask the caterer to suggest menu items that would be best suited for your event. However, it’s also a good idea to request samples to taste. While you’re making your decision, consider the sort of guests you’re expecting. Will there be any vegetarians? Is it an older crowd that might appreciate foods that are easy to chew? Ask your caterer for help selecting a broad range of menu items that would appeal to your guests.

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