Reasons to Request a Veterinary House Call

It was once commonplace for doctors to make house calls. Although most doctors no longer do so, you can still find veterinarians who will travel to your location to provide certain diagnostics and services. There are several reasons why you might schedule a veterinary house call for your beloved furry, scaly, or feathery friend. You have multiple pets. Many people have more than one pet, all of which require wellness visits and vaccinations at least once per year. Rather than scheduling one appointment per pet, or trying to bring all of your pets in at once, you might request a veterinary house call. A house call will save time and hassle, allowing you to get all of your pets’ medical needs taken care of at once. You have stressed pets. Few animals enjoy a visit to the vet’s office. For confident dogs, a visit usually isn’t too difficult. However, if you have an anxious pet, a vet visit can be very distressing. Certain species are particularly susceptible to ill health effects from stress, such as guinea pigs, who may develop gastrointestinal issues. In these cases, a veterinary house call is definitely the right choice. Your pet is quite ill. If your pet is in very poor health, travel may be difficult for him or her. It may be less risky to have the veterinarian provide care at home. This is also a good option for pets with compromised immune systems. If they receive care at home instead of at the vet’s office, they won’t have to be around animals that may be potentially infectious. You require humane euthanasia. The decision to say goodbye to your beloved pet is never an easy one to make, even when he or she is clearly suffering and no cure is possible. If your pet is at the end of his or her life, you may prefer to say goodbye at home. You and your pet will both be more comfortable and less stressed when euthanasia is performed in your home. Pet Kare Clinic is the Steamboat Springs area’s only AAHA-accredited veterinary clinic. Their compassionate veterinarians make house calls throughout the area. To request a house call or schedule an in-clinic appointment for your furry friend, call (970) 879-5273.