Reducing Foot and Ankle Injuries with the Right Ski Gear

Reducing Foot and Ankle Injuries with the Right Ski Gear

Whether you are going skiing for the first time or you are a seasoned expert in the sport, the right gear will be essential for having a good time on the slopes. In particular, you should have properly fitted boots to protect your feet and ankles from injuries such as sprains, bruises, skier’s toe, and fractures. With ill-fitted or poorly made ski boots, your feet may slide around in your shoes while you ski or they might be bound too tightly, restricting your movement. Either way, injuries can result. Follow these tips to make sure you are geared up properly on your next ski trip:

Invest in a Pair of Ski Boots

If you normally rent your boots or purchased a pair secondhand, chances are they don’t fit as well as they should. Making the investment in a perfectly fitted pair of boots will be the best way to stay comfortable on the slopes and keep proper form while skiing. Wearing ill-fitting boots can actually make you more likely to sustain a fall, because you might be making more adjustments to compensate for the tight fit or extra wiggle room.

Learn How to Bind Up Your Boots

Even with a perfect fit, your boots can cause injuries if they aren’t bound correctly. You’ll want a snug fit on your foot, but you shouldn’t have the boots over-tightened, because they can cause bruising and even cut off circulation to the foot. When you purchase your ski boots, be sure to ask for instructions on how to bind them up properly.

Consider Orthotics or Custom Insoles

If you wear orthotics or insoles on a regular basis, have a set made for your ski boots. This will further ensure a proper fit and keep you from sustaining injuries.

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