Reducing Your Risk of Windshield Damage

Reducing Your Risk of Windshield Damage

Auto glass is designed to be incredibly durable, but it’s still susceptible to chips and cracks. Unfortunately, not all windshield damage is preventable. However, you can reduce your risk of windshield cracks with the following tips. Remember that even a little chip in your windshield can turn into a major crack if you leave it unrepaired, so call an auto glass technician right away!

Maintain a safe following distance.

It’s quite common for vehicles to kick up debris from the tires as they travel down the road. That debris just might land on the windshield of the following car. To reduce your risk of having pebbles and other projectiles strike your windshield, you should always maintain a generous distance between yourself and the car ahead of you. As a general rule of thumb, there should be at least one car length of space between two cars for every 10 miles per hour. If you’re traveling at 60 mph, leave a distance of at least six car lengths between you and the lead car.

Stick to the speed limit.

The faster you’re driving, the more likely it is that any debris striking your windshield will do damage. You can limit your risk by sticking to the speed limit. This is also good practice in general because it can help you avoid a car crash.

Check the weather reports.

Roadside debris isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Hailstorms can do considerable damage to a car. Get into the habit of checking the weather reports regularly, especially during the winter. If hailstorms are predicted, it’s best to leave your car in the garage.

If your car does sustain windshield damage, you can get it fixed in a jiffy with help from the team at Neste Auto Glass in Steamboat Springs, CO. They’ll even send a certified technician right to your location if severe windshield cracks prevent you from driving your car. You can get in touch with their office by calling (970) 879-2725.