Shop Smart! Find the Best Mattress for Your Back

If you are suffering from back pain when you rise in the mornings, you may need to invest in a new mattress. Back pain patients don’t always find the same type of mattresses to be comfortable to them. Choosing the wrong type of mattress can actually make your back and shoulder pain worse.

When choosing the best mattress for your lower back, take into account several personal preferences and characteristics. The best idea is to try out a variety of mattresses in a store that carries several brands and types of construction.

Mattresses that are over 8 years old lose their support and firmness and may even show signs of sagging or broken springs. Most professionals advise people with back pain over the age of 40 to replace their mattress every 5 to 8 years.

If your mattress is pretty new but it is making your back pain worse, you may opt for a mattress pad. Mattress toppers are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and materials to help you sleep better on a mattress that may be too firm.

Mattresses that are manufactured with foam or latex may be a good choice for a back pain sufferer, especially if you are experiencing pressure point pain in your joints. A medium firm support mattress can relieve pressure on you by conforming to your body’s shape while still giving you optimal support.

Sleep Positions and Mattress Types

People who are stomach sleepers generally prefer a relatively firm mattress to provide even support for their head and torso.

People who are back sleepers usually prefer a medium-firm mattress for the best spinal support in the lower back.

People who are side sleepers may do better with a medium-firm or soft mattress to relieve pressure points but still provide support.

Each person has their own preference as to what type of mattress is the best for them. Visit a mattress store like Timberline Furniture & Mattress to discuss what your current mattress is in firmness, material, and what back problems you may have. Employees generally are very well educated in helping you to determine which mattress best would suit you for a great night’s sleep. Don’t rush the process, but allow yourself time to lie on a few mattresses in the store and see which feels the best.