Should You Buy a Home Generator?

Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator

A generator gives you access to power when the electric supply is out in your home. With a generator, you could keep the lights on to cook dinner for a few hours or even get power to help you feel as normal as possible in the case of an extended outage. However, choosing the right generator is key to getting the kind of performance you need. As you shop for generators, keep these factors in mind. 

Power Supply

When you’re choosing a generator, one of the first factors you will need to consider is how much power you want the generator to supply. Will you be looking for something to keep lights for a few hours, or do you want a generator capable of keeping all of the power on in your home? The more powerful the generator, the higher the price tag, and generators that supply large spaces may be too large for some homes. However, knowing your ideal power supply goals will help you find the best possible generator in your budget that most closely matches your needs. 

Fuel Type

Generators typically run on propane, diesel, or gasoline. In some instances, certain fuel types may not be allowed or available where you live, so choose one that makes sense for your area. You should also know where you would get additional fuel if you experience an extended power outage and need to run your generator for longer. Choose a fuel type that you can easily access in this kind of circumstance. 

Special Equipment

In some cases, it is necessary to get extra equipment for a generator, such as a remote monitoring system. Cold weather kits can also be helpful, depending on where you live. Know what you will need, so you can make sure your chosen generator is compatible with these options. 

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