Should You Wax Your Car Every Time You Wash It?

Should You Wax Your Car Every Time You Wash It?

Car waxing isn’t just something for luxury automobiles and classic cars. Waxing your car—whether you drive an economy vehicle or a luxury SUV—is a smart way to protect its paint, reduce damage from the elements, and keep your car looking like new. However, waxing too much can be problematic for your vehicle, so you won’t want to wax every time you take your car to the car wash. Instead, you should aim to detail your car and wax the exterior about two to four times per year. Keep reading for a closer look at determining when and how to wax your car.

What Waxing Does

Car waxing helps to create a protective barrier on your car that shields the paint from snow, rain, road salt, UV rays, and bird droppings. By protecting your vehicle from these elements, you can increase its resale value and ensure that the paint job lasts for many years to come.

How Often You Should Wax Your Car

An easy way to tell if your car needs waxing is to splash some water on the outside of the vehicle. If it beads up on the surface, then you don’t need a wax. After your initial wax job, you will want to apply wax about once every three months. At the least, you should wax your car twice annually, once just before winter and once before the start of summer.

Why You Should Get a Professional Wax Job

You can wax your car at home, but to do it right, it takes time and considerable effort. Visiting a professional car wash for a hand wax can save you time and help you avoid buildup and a greasy-looking finish.

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