Signs That Now Is the Time to Replace Your Fence

Even the sturdiest and most well maintained fences will need to be replaced eventually. The trick is ensuring that you replace your fence before it fails completely, particularly if it is being used to keep livestock or farmland contained. Is your fence looking worse for the wear? Here are some of the signs that you should start the replacement process now.

You have missing fence fasteners.

The nails, screws, and metal fasteners that are used to construct your fence may become dislodged or fall out completely over time. When this happens, your fence is no longer secure. You may not even notice that these fasteners are missing unless you inspect your fence closely, until a post falls down or an animal breaks loose. Inspect your fence periodically and look for dislodged fasteners or discolored areas along the fence that could indicate that a fastener used to be there.

You have rotted wood.

Even with regular treatment with sealants and moisture repellants, wood will eventually be impacted by both moist and dry conditions, as well as snow, rain, and ice. The effect is wood rot, which starts from the inside and works its way to the surface. By the time you see the signs of rot on your fence, it has already deeply infested the inside of the wood. There is nothing you can do to fix wood rot, so it will be necessary to replace the fence when it occurs.

The cost of repairing your fence is too much.

Although some fence repairs are easy to make, others are costly and inconvenient. For extensive fence damage, it may be most cost-effective to replace the fence instead of paying for repairs that are likely to be only temporary fixes.

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