Signs That Your Car Needs an Alignment

Signs That Your Car Needs an Alignment

When your car is out of alignment, driving is uncomfortable and dangerous. Poor alignment can also shorten the lifespan of your tires. There are lots of things that can cause alignment issues, from potholes and curb checks to simply going too long without maintenance. Pay attention to these indicators of a potential alignment issue, so you can get repairs done quickly, before the damage gets worse.

Your car pulls to the side when you drive.

When you’re driving, do you feel like your car wants to go one side or the other and that you’re constantly fighting it to keep it in line? This symptom is a clear indicator of a problem with the alignment. Having your car pull while you’re driving can be dangerous. It makes your car difficult to control in good conditions and can become particularly dangerous in hazardous driving conditions or when you’re trying to avoid an accident. Schedule an alignment appointment as soon as you spot this sign.

Your tires are wearing out quickly or unevenly.

Check the tread on your tires. If they were purchased at the same time, then they should all have about the same degree of wear and tear. If they don’t, an alignment issue could be to blame. Tires that wear out faster than anticipated may also be the result of an alignment problem. When your car is out of alignment, it puts uneven pressure on tires and can cause excessive wear and tear that causes you to have to replace your tires sooner than expected.

Your Steering Wheel Isn’t Straight When Your Car Is.

The next time you’re driving straight down a road, take a look at your steering wheel. Is it also in a straight position, or is it turned? If your steering wheel is at an angle but your car is going straight, then you likely have an alignment issue.

Let Hometown Tire and Service address alignment issues for you, so you can drive safely and get the maximum life out of your tires. You can schedule an appointment at their auto shop in St. Paul by calling (651) 450-0535.

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