Signs of Transmission Problems

No one likes to think about a problem occurring with his or her transmission, but it’s important to know the signs, so you can schedule repair services as soon as possible. Ignoring a transmission problem won’t make it go away, and in fact, it could lead to one of the most costly car issues drivers can have—transmission failure. If you experience any of these problems with your car, have it checked out by your mechanic as soon as possible.

Delayed Movement
One of the biggest indicators of a transmission problem occurs as soon as you shift your car into drive. If you put your car in drive and notice that there is a delay between the shift and when your car moves, your transmission could be to blame. Sometimes, this symptom is dramatic, and you hear your engine revving before your car moves, or it may barely be perceptible—just a feeling that something is not right. If there is any indication that your car isn’t engaging as it should, get your transmission checked.

Transmission Fluid Leaks
Although the occasional oil leak may not be a sign of anything serious, a transmission fluid leak almost always is. The transmission is a completely sealed unit, so there is no reason for it to lose fluid unless there is a problem. Transmission fluid is usually red or brown, so it can look like oil on the pavement. If you see a leak spot in your driveway, put a piece of cardboard under the front and midsection of the car. This will let you see if the leak is currently happening and what color the fluid is.

Transmission Warning Light
Your transmission warning light doesn’t necessarily mean that your transmission has failed. If the light comes on without any other warning symptoms, it is likely a minor issue. However, a warning light combined with other symptoms means you should get your transmission checked right away.

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