Six Ways to Partake

There are many other unique methods to deliver a medical dose or recreational trip. While smoking is the most traditional and well-known, Rocky Mountain Remedies offers many different ways to consume marijuana. Each of these offers a special and different experience. Depending on the needs of each patient, people typically prefer one delivery method over another.


On the marijuana plant, there are wide leaves and a small bud. The bud is the plant's flower. This flower is picked, carefully prepared, and smoked in joints, pipes, bowls, and bongs.


The leaves on the marijuana plant are usually considered trash, but they can be turned into concentrates. Concentrates are extracted from the plant using different methods, leaving all plant matter behind. They are more potent than flowers and can be used to make edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Different concentrates work for different delivery methods, so ask your budtender which concentrates are best for your delivery method of choice. They will recommend the right oil for a topical or cartridge for a vape pen.


Perhaps the most common alternative delivery method, edibles are an excellent choice for patients who do not wish to inhale the drug in any way. Once infused with heated butter or oil, marijuana can be cooked into cookies, brownies, and cakes.


These are liquid concentrated forms of the marijuana essence. Patients place a small drop under their tongue. Effects are very quick.

RemPen Vaporizers

A Rocky Mountain Remedy Original! These are small, discreet vaporizers, perfect for taking an accurate prescription dose and convenient for recreational use. The RemPen is a dose controllable, strain specific, high potency vaporizer.


Topicals are lotions, balms, and creams that are infused with cannabis. They provide localized relief from soreness and inflammation with no psychoactive effects. Topicals are an excellent choice for patients who are seeking relief from pain, but who wish to avoid the cerebral effects otherwise associated with marijuana.