Snowmobile Safety 101

Snowmobiles are an amazing way to enjoy the great outdoors, particularly on the mountain slopes of Colorado. Unfortunately, many people never get to experience this thrilling adventure, as the cost of purchasing a new snowmobile can be prohibitive. One solution is to rent a snowmobile for a day tour from a local company. When you go, follow these safety precautions.

Wear snowmobile safety gear.

Before you can set foot on a snowmobile, you must have the proper safety gear. Wear a DOT-approved helmet that has been designed specifically for use on snowmobiles. Ski helmets won’t do. If your helmet doesn’t feature a face shield, you’ll also need a pair of well-fitted goggles.

Dress appropriately for the weather. You should have warm, water-resistant clothing, gloves, and boots.

Obey the speed limit.

Some established snowmobile trails have posted speed limits. Never drive faster than the speed limit—it’s posted for a reason. Feel free to drive slower than the speed limit, especially if you’re an inexperienced rider.

Never travel alone.

Snowmobiling accidents are more likely to be serious if you try to go alone, especially after dusk. Think of snowmobiling as a team sport, and always take a buddy with you. Additionally, take a fully charged cellphone, and tell someone else where you and your buddy are going.

Follow trail etiquette.

If you’re going out as part of a group tour, you can expect your guide to give you the lowdown on trail etiquette, as well as basic safety guidelines. In general, you should stick to the right-hand side of the trail. Reduce your speed when you’re near other riders, and when you’re passing a stationary snowmobile. If you’re traveling downhill, yield right of way to oncoming traffic going uphill.

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